Monday, July 26, 2010

I've dyed and gone to heaven!

That's right...gone to heaven!

A new beginning in my fun with dyeing yarns. I've experimented lots with recycled yarn and dyeing. I have a bit of a feeling for how the colours react allthough I am still learning all the time.

I have now progressed to dyeing new yarns. I received a huge order of 'bare' yarn last week and have just started dyeing them.

It seems to be different from dyeing with reclaimed yarns...the colours take better, they are sharper, cleaner looking.

I have put the recycled yarns in my shop on sale in order to make room for the new stuff. But I will still be adding some recycled stuff from time to time since I have some left.
I've also reviewed my shipping costs and reduced those as well. I have sold lots of yarn in the last couple of weeks because of that.

But on with the new!

Here they are...TADAAAAM!!!

Beach ball:

Strawberry shortcake:

Sun and Surf:

Summer meadow:

I have also been knitting. I'll show you those things in another post.