Monday, August 20, 2012

ALpaca routine

With the long shadows created by the early morning sun, they like to gather in this corner of the pasture first thing in the morning. The little ones can often be seen resting together with an adult. It seems that Cassa Blanca is most often that adult, would that make her the daycare provider of the group? She's almost always the one that watches over the resting crias.
(Cassa Blanca is the large white girl on the right.)
Hubby has a routine with the alpacas and they know it well now. They spend the night in the pasture where the barn is but in the daytime, we like for them to use another pasture to graze in. They seem to prefer the first pasture maybe because it's the one they know best maybe. So how do you lead a herd to a different spot? With food of course.
Every morning, hubby gets the pellets from the barn, and walks out to the second pasture with it. Feeders are installed along the fence just for that purpose.

They let him lead the way and follow closely behind.
While the adults were busy eating their pellets, the crias were willing to pose for me.
The boys: Tenelly and Fernando just behind.
Don't let Tenelly's sweet look fool you, he's quite the little sh*t disturber. He loves to take a run and 'bump' into the adults. Seems to be a favorite game of his...we could say Like father, like son!!!

Fernando has grown lots and caught up with the others.

And there is also our little girl, Carmella.
With this morning's sun, it was the perfect time for a great face picture. With her dark skin and fiber, she's very difficult to photograph. But today gave me the perfect lighting!

Still wet from the morning dew, her brown fleece will be cherished next harvest time!

Now, this next part will surely make you laugh, just because of the pictures if not because of what we did.
Lily came home today from a visit with her boyfriend on another farm. Now how do you transport an alpaca when you don't own a trailer to do so?
Some people use a van but we don't have one of those either.
No problemo!
A Honda CRV does the job!
It was a short 15 minute drive.

Lily needed a bit of coaxing to get in and she did not lie down right away but eventually she settled and enjoyed the view. (At least we think she did.)
 She came and poked me and hubby in the head a couple of time.
Are we there yet?

What do you mean we have another 5 minutes!

Lily is now in the pasture, we are happy to have her back with us!