Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our weekend

Our grand daughter O loves the alpacas. She talks about them all the time when she's at home and can't wait to come over on the weekend to visit. As soon as she enters the house, she runs to the windows facing the pastures to see them. She knows their names and is always willing to join us for a walk when it's feeding time.

O is wearing her new hat made with my handspun yarn. I'm really happy with this yarn and with the pattern.
Pattern: Bimple (from Wooly Wormhead)
Yarn: my handspun


Updated my Etsy shop to add a few combed tops. Sold a project bag and skein of yarn this weekend so a trip to the post office early tomorrow morning!
Hubby put the winter tires on my vehicule this weekend...just in case.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It`s in the air

This morning is one of those crisp bright sunny morning. I can feel W.I.N.T.E.R in the air!
Love it !

As I walk through the fields to get to the barn in the morning, the alpacas gather up and follow me knowing they are going to get their pellets and fresh hay.

Have a look at these two cuties. Aren't the babies growing? Coco is still the entertainer. And Fiona plays shy. They are doing a great job of growing that fiber for MOI!
They know the deal...I'll take care of them and in return they'll provide me with some soooft fiber...great arrangement.

Ginger gets up real close to check things out. After this shot, she raced to the barn to wait for me.
(I am due for a new difficult to take great pics with this old one...soon...Christmas is coming, right?)

Here's what's been keeping me busy.
A little bit of a learning curve again, but I think I've found a dyeing technique that works for now.
 I've decided I need to supply my own fiber for my spinning addiction, so I've ordered some bare fiber and proceeded to dye it on my own.
(Can't use my alpaca fiber just yet...need to get that to the mill soon!)

Since I've made lots, I will add some to my shop and see how that goes. I should have that done over the weekend.

On the knitting front, I'm working on a Helix scarf

and plan on casting on for a Whisper cardigan.

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Look at what I got!

I love hand painted furniture. Most pieces of furniture in our home is painted. Most of them by me. I buy the pieces at garage sales, or at second hand store. Kijiji is also another good place to find great pieces of furniture. Some pieces were given to us. I usually paint them with latex paint and sometimes will add a coat of varnish. But I've been eyeing this product for quite some time now...
Annie Sloan Chalk paint!
I have plans for these three colours. As you can see, I have Duck Egg, Old White and Paris Grey. I ordered the clear wax and the dark one as well.
Only one place in Ontario carries this paint!
I hope it lives up to it's reputation, I'll keep you posted.

On the spinning front, I have been busy (what can I say!).
This first yarn, was my own hand dyed. It's chained plied and I love this mix of blue and green.

Colorway: Grateful dyed.
Superwash wool top. (4 oz)
From Wild Hare fiber studio

The colours are crazy! But I think it will be fun to knit something small like hat or mitts for our grand daughter.
So that I could keep the colours separate, I chain plied it. I mostly succeded, only a few sections have the colours mixed.

Colorway: Sugar Maple.

Blue-Faced Leicester Wool Top. (4 oz)
From Wild Hare fiber studio

Again, a three ply. I love these colours. I'm thinking of a cowl or a scarf for myself. Very very soft!
 It's appears brighter that what it really is. The colours are more muted than the picture shows.

Here is a 75% Blue-Faced Leicester and 25% Tussah silk.
Colorway: Vervaine
From: All For Love of Yarn Studio

(photo comes from All For Love of Yarn Etsy Shop)

All spun up and ready to ply. I plan on making a 2 ply with it. That's why I have it on two bobbins. Maybe tomorrow.

And last but not least.
Colorway: Peacock
Superwash Wool (4 oz)
From: Wild Hare Etsy fiber studio

Just finished this morning, a very full bobbin (I was not quite done when I took this pic).
I will do another three ply with it so I can keep the colours separate. You can't see the purple and aqua. I won't be able to chain ply this onto one of my bobbins because it's going to be way too full...I have to see how to go about this.
As you can see, I have been ignoring all cobweb and dust bunnies in the house. Making meals has also become secondary. If only spinning would count as a cardio workout. I could spin and be shape up at the same time!

Rainy weekend ahead, so a bit of cocooning is going to happen here. Hope you enjoy yours too!