Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mia is our daughter's cat presently living with us. She is the most playful cat I know. She is also super relaxed around our dogs. She is right there in the middle of them just as comfortable as if she was with her own kind. Our dogs are Golden retrievers, and at first they did not know what to make of her. But now, she is part of the gang.

She is an indoor cat and is only allowed outside on the balcony out of our kitchen. This balcony has no stairs to the yard. So Mia can go out and watch the flies and the birds go by.
She however does one things that drive us crazy. She loves to go perch on a piece of wood that extends from under the balcony.
This perch is right above the dogs yard. At first, it would drive the dogs crazy to see her there, but they do not pay attention to her anymore.
She will have all four legs hangning on either side of the plank and just be.
She watches the dogs below and the birds in the apple tree. Pretty cool, eh?


  1. How did she even get up there?! lol


  2. What a cutie! We have an orange Tabby named Gracie :) Good thing you have Goldens--they are such nice dogs.

  3. She is sooooo beautiful! Her name suits her well.