Monday, February 15, 2010


What do you do with boring black, grey and white yarn that has no life and no hope of ever being knitted?
I could give it away or trade it or ignore it for a while longer. But the most fun solution is to overdye it.
This yarn is a wool and angora blend. I have almost 5 ounces of it.

I had several leftover KoolAid colours and Easter dye colours in jars from my last dye job. I figured I might as well put those to good use.

So I handpainted it and microwaved the yarn to set the colours. And VOILĂ€!

Lots of life and energy. Now it looks like a lot more fun to knit up.
I might use this energized yarn to knit up a pair of mittens. It would be nice to match it up with a solid black.

What would you knit with it?

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