Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catching up

Work has me feeling like I am on a roller coaster! It's unbelievably busy. I have had to travel out of town for meetings or conferences every single week of April. I have hardly had any time in my office to tackle all the files on my desk. And it doesn't look like May will be any slower!

But I'm not complaining. I'm lucky to love my work and to still feel very passionate about it after almost 30 years.

I am now 9 mths away from my retirement date and slowly preparing for it. I'm very excited about that new chapter in my life.

Even though I haven't posted much, I have done some knitting at home but mostly in airports, airplanes and hotel rooms. A couple of weekends ago, I have taken out the dye pot.

Have a look at a basketfull of newly dyed yarns. I have been experimenting with Wilson food dyes.

This yarn was dyed with Black dye. That's right, even though you see lots of colour, only Black was used. You see, depending on how much heat and acid you add to your dye water, the colours that make up Black will seperate and do fun stuff with the yarn.

This yarn is also Black, but very little of it. It turned out to be a wonderful blend of greys, blues and lavenders. I love the softness of the colours.

For this Pink Panther yarn, I dyed the whole skein in light pink then squirted darker pink here and there. Nice girly colour. Might become a light cardigan for bébé O.

Green, aqua and yellow make a nice blend as well.
But this one is my favorite. The dye is called Copper and it's components also will separate and produce differents shades. Allthough I don't wear oranges and rusts, I do love how this turned out.

I can't keep all the yarn that I dye. I doubt that I would get to knit it all in this lifetime! So it will make it's way into my shop.
Wishing you a great weekend!

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