Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back to sewing...

Sewing has always been a favorite passtime of mine. I was sewing my clothes at the age of 12. I was sewing for my mother's and sister's at the age of 15. I loved it! I sewed in the evening after work, on weekends and on holidays. In other words, I sewed all the time. That was back then.

My mother taught me to sew. She was a wonderful and talented sewer. She had lots of patience and lots of skills.

But I've gotten away from sewing in the last 10 years. I mostly sew stuff for the house now, curtains, duvet cover, roman shades, pillows, and such.

Allthough I've given away a lot of fabric from my stash, I still have enough left to make a few things here and there.

I wanted to make something for these. Any idea what it might be?

I read through several tutorials online  to make a needle case but I mostly followed this one.

Black and white outside.
 With yellow and red added on the inside.

 Lots of room for all my needles and other knitting stuff.

 Finally, my needles will all be in one spot and organised.

Even though there is room in this needle case for my double pointed needles, I think I would prefer to make another case for those. I have lots of DPs and I would prefer a smaller case for them. So next time I feel like sewing, I will have a project waiting!


  1. Sewing is such a useful talent. I have sewn a bit, but I wouldn't call myself a seamstress (I almost wrote sewer...that's bad....:))
    I have woven fabric that is waiting for me to get my nerve up to sew it....

    That's a nice small project, but useful...says I with a rubbermaid container of all knitting needles, stick, round, DPNs all bunched together...

  2. Excellent looking case. My needles are in 2 piles in drawers at home - crics and all others. But I recently got a serger....

    As a packrat I never give up supplies much, just horde them until I get back into using them! The one time I dumped my embrodery yarns to make room, I regretted it for years later. If its usefull and still in good condition it stays!

    Welcome back to sewing. :-)

  3. Love it I made that same case last year for myself and five of my knitting buddies. It is wonderful isn't it?