Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another one to check off the list

Another project done and ready for gift giving.
Dear hubby asked for socks very early this fall, hoping he would have them in time for his annual hunting holiday. But I just couldn't get into it, I wasn't in the mood for socks,especially men's socks. So even with his encouragement to knit them in any colour and use any pattern, hunting season came and went without a new pair of socks to call his own.
But I think he will be very happy to see these worsted alpaca yarn socks under the tree on Christmas Eve!
Pattern: from the book Getting Started Knitting Socks (author Ann Budd)
Yarn: Misty Haven Alpaca
Colour: Natural brown

I added a bit of red yarn for the heel, toe and a couple of stripes from leftover yarn.

 Another item to cross off my list. Things are looking up!


  1. I like the red with that brown! Sure he'll apreciate them, even if he isn't surprised (he doesn't read your blog?).
    Somehow, all the socks I knit, end up being my size ;)

  2. He doesn't read my blog, I don't talk about tractors so it would be of little interest to him. LOL
    MMM, this could be the subject of a good post this week.