Monday, July 25, 2011

Hop Hop Hop!

After knitting Nadia's Baby blanket in a bulky cream cotton yarn, I came across a super cute pattern that I thought would be nice to include in the baby shower gift. Normally, I don't have an interest in knitting toys. They usually have many small pieces and lots of sewing involved. But this one was different.

This cute little baby bunny is so easy to make. If I had more yarn, I think I would have made a whole family of bunnies to join this one.
And with this thick yarn, it was very fast too.

 The ears are lined with a bit of chenille fabric I had from another project. I used iron-on adhesive to fuse the chenille to the knitted ear. This really gave shape to the ears.

Instead of making a yarn pompom for the tail, I thought a cute little fabric tail would be fun. I ran a gathering thread around a circle and sewed it on.
I like to knit this kind of toy...very few pieces and easy to put together.

Pattern: The Bunny Bunch (from
Yarn: cotton / acrylic bulky yarn
Colour: Cream
Needles: 7mm

I must post a picture of Lily...that's how Anouk's little puppy will be named. She is 7 wks old now and into everything!!

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  1. Awwwwwwww, cute! I bet that baby will still have this when she\he is an adult.