Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Christmas

We had our family Christmas dinner last night.
With two adult children and their partners in the workforce, it's bound to happen once in a while that they cannot be with us on the 25th.
So we decided to celebrate yesterday and call it our Family Christmas Day!
Lots of food, wine and good laughs made it a wonderful day.
Not to mention the wonderful thoughtful gifts given and received.
I can now show you the few knitted items given to the two grand children.

These little booties were knitted for our little 7 mth old grandson. A very quick knit, knitted in one piece, so no picking up stitches anywhere. Only a seam on the bottom sole but this is done as a three needle bind off so no problemo! Project info here.
I will be making him more of these.

Our grand daughter's favorite hat at the moment is one I made her last year and it's clearly too small for her now. But she loves it because she can put it on by herself and there is no ties to bother with.
I hoped that a sparkly light purple yarn might be fun enough for her to want to put aside the old and accept the new!
I like this pattern because even though it doesn't have ties it has short-rows earflaps.
The tassle was a big hit with her. Project info can be found here.

And a pair of mittens to go with that hat, of course! Project info can be found here.
Life has been quite busy these past few weeks. Hubby had surgery for a hip replacement at the beginning of the month. He's now progressed from the walker to the cane.
He's a strong-willed man very determined to get back to doing what he loves.
Being quite young for this type of surgery, his recovery is going very well.
I must say that I've never quite felt this much anxiety before, I hardly slept for the first two weeks after his surgery. Just worried I guess.
Hubby is hardly ever sick and to see him coping with limited mobility and pain was not too much fun especially since he's the silent type, the type that prefers not to say anything.
But words are not always necessary when you've lived with someone for as long as we have.
So the farm chores are all mine for the time being. The fun ones, like talking to the alpacas and being greeted by them when I step outside and the not so fun ones, like poop scooping.
Who needs a gym when you're carrying hay to the feeders twice a day, cleaning the dog yard, carrying wood in the house and shovelling heavy wet snow?
  But I'm not complaining, we are lucky and enjoying the quiet times together, making plans for next spring and next summer. Down time is not always bad if you decide to make the most of it.
Have a peek at what I received yesterday. It's made by a local artisan. I just love the colour and the fact that it's made with rock and sea glass found on the shores of local lakes. Now to find the perfect spot to hang it.


  1. Hip replacement recovery is no fun. Daddio has had 3(!). Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you.

  2. Your knitting is beautiful and thank you for the pattern ideas. Your alpaca cuties listen to you the pic. Nice gift, and I hope all gets back to fun of the ranch real soon. Merry Christmas♥ you recieve my mail to you?

  3. I love those booties! Sorry to hear that Hubby's laid up. Farm chores can be hard when you have to carry the whole load alone. I've been there done that many times. But those alpacas are so darn cute...I'd poop scoop for them any day!!! Now the shoveling wet heavy snow is a task I'd just as soon leave to someone else. We've done way to much of that here lately!! :)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I recognize the artisan's work - she sure does wonderful work with found objects. Those booties are so great!
    Glad your hubby's recovery is going well and you are managing everything.
    All the best to you and your family in the New Year.