Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The pièce de résistance

After 29 years, we returned to Calgary.
Way back in 1980, I went out there to teach. My hubby and I loved the city of Calgary. It was a booming city! We spent almost every weekend in the mountains. The Rockies are so beautiful.

But nonetheless, we stayed only one year. Work opportunities were available back in Ontario.

But last week, after 29 years, we returned to Calgary. The city has changed so much but the beauty is the same!
We took a couple of days to go back to Lake Louise, Lake Morainne and Banff. Great trip down memory lane!

Here is the view from our rental car as we are leaving the city of Calgary on Hwy 1.

Our first stop was Lake Morainne. A very small lake (according to Ontario standards!) but such striking scenery. The water is a beautiful turquoise blue. The mountains are so close, you can almost touch them. It was a very cold day...a high of only 4C ! The wind was glacial.

Then we stopped at Lake Louise. The wind was still very cold and the water not as clear as it can be on a windless day. But there again, we strolled along the shoreline in awe of the nature surrounding us.

But the most beautiful sight, the pièce de résistance, was this little sweet treasure. Our first grandchild, a little girl, born on September 2nd. We ooed and awed constantly when we were around her. She is such a joy. We realize what a special time in our life this is.

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  1. Oh Congratulations on becoming a grandparent and Congratulations too to the child that has become a parent!