Saturday, August 29, 2009

My studio

Today, is a typical fall day...lots of rain and wind. It's really cold too. So I thought I would tell you about my workspace a little bit.

Since both of our children have left the nest, almost a year ago, I have slowly been organizing my studio for all my crafting projects. I have a wonderful work surface near a large window, providing me with lots of natural light.

I have the perfect view of nature and the beauty that each season has to offer. I did not want to cover this window with curtains so I decided to hang my colection of glass balls.

Over the years, I have collected five of these glass balls, They vary in size and texture. They are all transparent except for one. That one is super heavy and is navy and gold.
My favorite one is the large pink and orange one. I bought it on a girl's weekend at a cottage in Maniwaki, Qu├ębec.
They are hung from the ceiling with nylon thread. The kind that is used for fishing lines.

I would love to add more, maybe eventually cover the entire window...wouldn't that be great!

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