Friday, August 14, 2009

Please, may I have more socks!

My hubby loves his knitted socks. They can be done in any color and he will be happy...well maybe not any color! He wears them all fall and winter long.

A few weeks ago, he mentioned that he would really like to have a new pair of socks. I know he is allready thinking of his fall activities!

I had this wonderful yarn in my stash in a burnt orange color, almost rust. It has flecks of colors throughout the yarn. Flecks of green, red and gold. It is a great fall color.

The yarn is 80% lambswool (no wonder it's so soft) and 20% nylon (which should make the sock more durable).

I had borrowed the Ann Budd Knitting socks book from the library. What a great book. It has so many details and great explanations.
I decided to give this yarn a go using one of the patterns in the book.

I used 5mm needles and a made the socks a smaller size than usual. The sock is a perfect fit and very comfortable and soft.
I still have some of this yarn available in my Etsy shop. It is reclaimed yarn from a nice sweater I took apart. It would be great for socks and so much more!

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