Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting new yarns ready

With the fall and winter seasons coming up, it's time to start thinking about knitting and crocheting projects.

Dare I say, even to start planning our gifts for Chritsmas?

Well, I am starting to think about it...

Last year I made several pairs of socks to give away. This year, I am thinking of making fingerless gloves.
I am getting some very pretty yarns ready for my Etsy shop. I will try out these yarns as well just to see how they knit up.
Here is a green lambswool drying.
And here is a great wool/acrylic yarn also in a green shade. This yarn is somewhat thick and thin and will give a wonderful texture to any project.

I will let you know when they are available and what knitting projects I will get going in the next few weeks!

Have a great Sunday...very hot here...I hear the pool calling me. Ciao!

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