Saturday, March 13, 2010

No way I'm keeping it like this!

Good morning!

Today is the first saturday of my one week of holidays. The sun is allready shinning and temperatures are so mild.

I showed you the wonderful blue yarns from Sheepstings earlier. I promised to come back with pictures of my shrawl (shawl + shrug) as soon as the sleeves were sewed.

Well it's done! It feels great. I love all of the different textures each yarn has to offer. And those blues! oh those blues! Beautiful!

But that's where it ends. I wore the shrawl around the house for a couple of hours....and it grew and grew and grew some more. It's fairly heavy, so I am not surprised it grew so much. It's much too long now. I feel like I'm wearing an afghan and that's not what I want to wear!
So last night, I started to take it apart and I'm reknitting again as I go. I am shortening it by 10 stitches, I know it does not sound like much but had only 48 stitches to start with. So it's enough, I hope!
I had about half of it reknitted by the time I went to bed last night (after quite a few hours of knitting). Yes, it's a fast knit.
I hope so much that this time it will be just perfect !!!!!
So once again, I promise to come back with pictures of my shrawl, this time quite a bit shorter!
Do leave me a comment if you happen to come by. It makes my day to read them.

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