Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring dyeing

Spring break means time to do some experimenting with dyeing. And this wonderful mild weather does not feel like March but more like late April! The snow is just about gone and the sun is warming things up nicely.
So with spring around the corner, I decided to take out my pots to do some immersion dyeing.
According to the book Teach yourself Visually Hand-dyeing, Immersion dyeing is the process of creating a dye bath in a large pot, adding fiber, and heating it over a period of time...Heating the dye bath triggers the chemical bond between fiber and dye. Because large pots are used, this process is sometimes called kettle-dyeing.
I had a worsted weight lambswool yarn in a shade of yellow that did not appeal to me too much. Since the yellow was so light, it would make a good yarn to overdye.
The first skein of yellow was overdyed with teal and chartreuse. It produced a yarn with shades of yellows and greens that remind me of budding trees in the spring.
The second skein was overdyed with teal, ans saphire blue. It reminds me of a sunny spring sky.

The yarns are now listed in my shop.


  1. Hi Lise,

    I've just been catching up on your blog. I'm impressed. I love the dresser that you certainly have the knack for decorating.
    Your shrawl is a beautiful blue.

  2. Thanks Norma. The shrawl is now reknitted and shortened, all I need to do is sew up the 'sleeves' and I will have pics to show.