Thursday, April 1, 2010

Northern Sunset

My lastest hand dyed yarn, with Wilton Icing colour in pink and yellow I had on hand, reminds me of some of our northern sunsets.

I had not yet tried Wilton as a dye (not for icing either !) I was eager to see how they would look. I have a lot of bluky yarn on hand so I thought it would be fun to use it for this.

I ended up having to play around with it a lot because I had too much yarn in a too small pot. I kept ending up with too much white sections. After a while, I then decided to sprinkle some orange Kool Aid powder where I could still see white spots.

The results are okay. I find the colours a bit too bright for my taste. Mind you, I shouldn't say that cause it reminds me of a sweater I bought last summer.
Wow, till I got it out of the closet, I did not realize how similar they are! Maybe I don't mind it so much. What looks good in the summer as summer colours, should look good in the winter as well, right?
I might use it to make another cowl. I might also add it to my etsy shop..we'll see.

I will have to do some experimenting to see how to tone down those Wilton colours a bit though.

I have also been working on another fun project combining two things I love to do...soap making and knitting. I'll be back with pictures this weekend!
Till them, do something nice for yourself, you deserve it!

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