Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soaps need wool coats too!

This fun project combines two of my great passions...soapmaking and knitting!

How do the two combine? I am not talking about making a soap to clean my knitted items, allthough that would be a good idea.

I am talking about making knitted wool coats for my soaps!

I have fueled (felted) wool roving around my soaps before. I used white roving and wrapped it with coloured yarn. Then fueled everything together by rubbing it, alternating between cold and hot water. Here is a picture of those soaps.

But this project is done in a whole different way. I basically knitted an envelope to fit the soap in. Inserted the soap and kept on knitting to close it off. Super little coat for my soap!

I used Cabin Fever Northern Lights 100% wool yarns for this project because they felt very well and quite quickly too.

These are the handmade soaps I made last fall for Christmas gifts. They smell wonderful and lather really well. They have lots of olive, coconut, canola oils and cocoa butter. Wonderfully rich feeling!

Why should you use felted soaps?

It's like having a built in washcloth. Gentle on your skin, and easy to handle onto in the shower or tub. The wool coat will enhance the lather as it gently exfoliates. The felt will also make your soap last twice as long and you will use every last little bit of soap. Once the soap is gone, use the felt as a scrubby or put it in a drawer to give your clothes a yummy scent.

To use: Wet your soap in a coat and create a lather.

I intend on giving them away unfelted. You can see the Before and After in the picture below.

I made a bunch of them to trade in a soap swap I am participating in. I will add what I have left to my shop to see how they do.

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday!

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