Sunday, September 19, 2010

First birthday

Bébé O is now one year old !

I remember last year when our daughter called us from Calgary to tell us she was on her way to the hospital and we were scrambling to get a flight out of Ontario as soon as possible.

Now, my daughter's little family have moved back to Ontario, very close to home. This little princess has brought so much joy to all of us, we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

The Pinwheel cardigan that I made her fits her well with lots of room to grow. The colours are happy colours and go well with this happy little girl.

This cardi is fairly quick to knit and I decided to continue with the colour changes on the sleeves as well.

I've been thinking of making her a matching hat. I had seen such a hat on someone's website, but I can't find it anymore. I guess I should have wrote it down somewhere when I saw it.

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  1. I have started a pin wheel sweater for myself.I have one more sleeve to do.So far I think it is turning out good.