Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On fire!

This was such a fun knit project. It's nice to knit something quick when you also have long slow projects on the go.
I hand dyed the yellow mohair / wool yarn with oranges and reds, keeping some of the yellow untouched earlier this year.

Mixed it with black 100% wool yarn and knitted this hat in two evenings of movie watching!

Top of hat is very interesting with a petal shape or star shape design. Love it!
I am tempted to knit another one but to change the black designs with elements of this other hat I knitted last year.

Pattern is Fake Isle Hat by Amy King. I used 4 mm needles. Lots of yarn left over for a pair of mitts.


  1. A stunning hat! Hope it's for you...because with the weather we are having, it's time to pull on the wooly things!

  2. I love the hat, the colors are great. Found you on the etsy forum, please come visit my blog: