Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lonely Oak

At the entrance of our driveway, there is a huge rock. There can't be much soil on top of that rock but this beautiful oak tree has decided it would be it's home. Every year, we clean the shrubs and weeds growing around the tree but we don't want to disturbe the roots of the oak too much. This is the only tree growing on top of this rock. A majestic lonely oak tree.

So in it's honour we have chosen to call our future adventure Lonely Oak Alpaca Farm.
We have been dreaming for more than 5 years of being alpaca owners. We have visited a few alpaca farms over the years and each time we come home more eager to get our own. When we bought this property it had no fencing and no barn either. The land is full of rocks and boulders. Holes everywhere makes it very difficult to walk around without fearing breaking a leg or spraining an ankle.

Hubby has worked many many hours to remove as many boulders as possible (he buries them !) to kinda level off the land a bit.

As for a barn, we have decided to convert this big shed behind the house into a shelter for the alpacas that will one day live on our land.

The fencing was to be done this fall, but we are still waiting for the delivery of our posts. If the weather stays beautiful till late fall, hubby might still have time to start digging holes for the posts and at least get that part done before the winter.
I was really hoping to have a few alpacas before next spring but we might have to wait until next summer now.

With my retirement being a few weeks away (16 weeks!), I am really looking forward to this new beginning. It will be a adventure for sure with a huge learning curve.

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