Sunday, January 2, 2011


The beginning of this new year has been not so good. I hurt my back again on New Year's Eve and had to spend lots of time in bed...not good. The meds work but they make me very sleepy. I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to work tomorrow, or even this week.

The beginning of a New Year often lead us to think of where we would like to be in a year from now and we usually come up with a few resolutions to get there. This year, I'm keeping it very simple.
That's all. Just do what needs to be done to be healthier. For me this means two things.
1. Be more active: I need to get back to my yoga. I love doing it but I haven't made it a priority this past year and I'm sure that I'm paying the price for it today. I need to put aside 15 to 60 minutes a day to do yoga. Simple, now just to get off my butt and do it!
With my new snowshoes, I know I will enjoy the outdoors more. As I'm looking out my window, I am very excited to see that it's snowing. With all the rain we've had in the past few days, we need snow!!
2. Learn more about eating healthier. My body is becoming more and more sensitive to certain foods. This past year, I've had to accept that I cannot tolerate any milk products at all, not even small amounts. Now that all kinds of research shows that soya milk is not such a great food, I need to explore other products. I've tried almond milk and goat's milk but it's difficult to find cheeses (I'm a huge lover of cheese) or yogurts that I can eat or that I like to eat.

2011 looks like it will be a very exciting year.
I'm retiring at the end of January (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Our daughter is getting married in April.
We will have alpacas on our land as soon as the fencing is up (late spring??)

All great reasons to be in better shape and HEALTHIER!

What are your goals for 2011??

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope that your back heals soon.
    I'm not making resolutions per se, but agree that making time for our health should be paramount.
    Let's make this year, the year that we concentrate on ourselves.
    Happy news about the upcoming wedding...and fenceposts ;)