Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Bliss is defined as perfect happiness, utter joy or contentment.
Winter makes me feel that way.
Even though there's very little snow on the ground, due to the rain and mild weather of the past week, I could not wait anymore. So tonight, when I got home for work, I went snowshoeing.

The sun was allready behind the trees but the trails were calling me!

I always like to bring a dog with me and Anouk is the perfect companion. She loves to explore the trails and to have the chance to run as much as she wants. She won't get distracted to the point of chasing a deer should we meet one.

She probably runs two or three times the distance I walk because she's going back and forth all the time. (Blurry picture because I did not have the right setting on my camera for an 'action shot'). But she was coming full throttle at me with a smile on her face...I kid you not!

She pays attention to every noise around us.

Mother-daughter mittens (Rav project page) are now blocked. I forgot that I also have the embroidery to add to the flower, so I might get to that later this week but in the meantime here is a night picture of what they look like.

I hope you also felt a bit of bliss in your day today!


  1. Good Morning!

    Those gloves are fabulous!!!! So happy you had time to visit my little blog and good luck on the giveaway.
    Although you look like a much more accomplished knitter than I. I need to learn to read patterns ;-(

    Have a lovely day.

    Your friend,
    Janet xox

  2. I love your mitts.I was wondering if your snowshoes were on the wrong feet?In the picture they kinda look like that.I wish I could get out more,maybe I would feel better.

  3. Aha! I thought they were on the wrong feet too! Hahaha! Or maybe you had your legs crossed!!! funny.
    I love being outside with my dog in the snow, too.

  4. You really had me going there! Ran to the garage to check the snowshoes and phew!!... they were on the right feet! Black panels are suppose to touch.
    Thanks everyone for stopping by!