Friday, April 1, 2011

New beginning and soapmaking

Although this new stage in my life began almost two months ago, I have not yet blogged about it.
At the end of January, I retired from 31 years of a career in education...still loving my job, still passionate about it but ready to let it go and allow my life to take a different direction.
I must admit that eventhough I loved the idea of retirement, it's such a huge life change that it will take some getting used to.
Don't get me wrong, I love it. I have plenty to keep myself very occupied and I have loads of projects and plans for the future. But that's just it, I still am in the mode of filling my days to the max, just like when I was working. I must learn to let go of my agenda and my calendar!! ...well, at least, let it go a little...and not be so worried about it.
When I left, my boss had told me that she would call me to work a few hours here and there...April will be a busy month...but I am looking forward to getting back to my old habits.

So what has been keeping me busy these last few weeks?

Soaps...lots of soap.

Soaps are white with purple chunks. I used a stamp to leave on imprint on the front of the soap.

I purchased perfect little pruple organza bags from That final touch on Etsy and daughter V made little tags for them.

As you have probably guessed, our daughter will be giving out soaps as guest favors at her upcoming wedding.

I've also knitted a little bit...will be back to post about that later.

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