Thursday, August 4, 2011


Allthough not much of a gardener, I do like to have certain plants on hand for cooking. I have had a mint patch for several years. It's very hardy and invasive so you need to make sure to contain it in a specific area or it will take over your entire space in no time.

My Illustrated herb encyclopedia says that mint helps with digestion by relaxing the muscle of the digestive tract. It is also supposed to ease nervous headaches, including migraines.
Aromatherapists use peppermint's scent to increase concentration, to stimulate the mind and the body and to stay awake.

Mint tea is such a simple thing to do. But I've never done it. I must give it a try before the end of the season.
But I do use mint for other things.
Mint jelly is a favorite of mine. Other members of my family don't care for it too much. I love it with pork but also on a cracker with some goat cheese. Very easy to make, I simply follow the recipe that comes with the pectin box.

Putting a few springs of mint in a water pitcher or a water bottle is also delicious. In no time at all, your water will have a subtile taste of mint. Very refreshing.

Oh, and here is Lily, checking out what I'm up to. She is now 2 mths old and a real little terror! (kidding)

It's almost imposible to take a picture of Lily standing still, she's constantly on the go!  
Still more sun to be had for the rest of the week. Stay cool!

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