Sunday, August 21, 2011

First day

They're here!
Yesterday, our alpacas were delivered. We are so happy that this day has finally arrived. Our family gathered early saturday morning to welcome them!
Misty Haven trailer unloading the first two alpacas.

Our herd consists of four females and two crias born in late June.
Oh, and let's not forget about Frankie, the llama.

Inside the trailer

They are now exploring and getting to know their new home. Our dogs are not too sure what to make of them but so far so good.

Aurelia is off to the side and not shown in this pic

Frankie is doing his job and making sure all is as it should be.

We have turned the rocking chairs around so that we can look out the window and see the action...especially the two little crias having fun.
The alpaca book and magazines are on the table and being leafed through daily.

New adventures are always exciting and nerve wracking at the same time...


  1. So excited they're finaly here! They are such beautiful animals! Love them!