Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to soap making

I really love to make soap. I have not made any since last winter, just before our daughter's wedding. Thing is, I make much more than we can ever use. I do give lots away...but I would make soap every week if I listened to myself.

Have a look at what I just bought myself!
A beautiful soap wooden mold. But what is great about this one is that it's lined with silicone. This means I do not need to line my mold anymore! Well, with this one, I only need to line the bottom. Soooooo much easier!
And look at how it opens up! No more coaxing to get the soap out. By removing the metal brace, the hinged sides just move away from the soap.

Here is my first batch with this mold. A rich soap made with olive, coconut and canola oils. I added just a bit of red clay.
When I was at Michael's last month, I had purchased a few stamps. This Sparkle & Shine stamp is showing up well on my freshly made soap.

And look at these...cute little sheep soaps. Now if I could find alpaca molds...that would make my day.

Speaking of alpacas, we enjoy having them so much. They've been with us for about 2 weeks now.  We were concerned that the dogs would make them nervous...but they quickly got used to each other.
Having one side of the fencing in common, they can check each other out as much as they want.
Coco (that's the little brown cria in the picture) will come right up to the fence.

 Hubby is still working. Today, he's digging a trench to bury the cable to bring electricity to the barn. Alpacas are curious. They have been following him along the fence all morning. Frankie, the llama is right there making sure everything is done as it should be.

After awhile, they were all having a good snooze.zzzzzzzz.
Life is good!


  1. I am amazed that the alpacas and dogs are laying comfortably in each others space...well separated by the fence, but still...amazing.
    Glad Frankie is there supervising the farm-man ;)

  2. I am wondering if you sell your sheep soaps, they are adorable and would make lovely gifts for knitty friends.

    We live fairly close so shipping would not be cost prohibitive I don't think.

    Love your photos, especially of everyone laying around.

  3. Hello Val,
    yes, the intention is to start selling my soaps.