Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall harvest time

I love this time of the year for the wonderful vegetables and fruits that are so plentiful.
I made a trip to the Farmer's market last saturday and saw these cute little lanterns.
Hummmmm, what are they? I asked.

Well, it turns out that they are edible.
They are called ground cherries. Inside this paper thin shell is a tiny little yelllow/orange fruit. It's not too sweet and not tangy either. They are good to eat just like that but I was told they are especially good in a pie.
I was intrigued.

So I brought home a basket ground cherries and started to look on the Internet for a pie recipe. I settled for a ground cherry pie with a crumble top.

They were indeed very delicious when cooked. I made little pies by using butter tarts pie shells instead.
They were all gone before I thought of taking a picture...oops!!

Now, how about a peek at my latest project.
It involves paint...

...a sheet of plywood and piece of canvas (or heavy twill fabric)...

...and some masking tape.
Finally started on another floor cloth for the front entrance. I made one about 15 years ago and it had a wonderful life and now needs to be retired to the lower level.
This project is slow going, as I am lacking inspiration...I'm not too sure which direction I will take from here with it.
But I'm sure it will be done very soon.

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