Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend pleasures

With hubby gone to get the trails to the hunting camp ready for the hunting season, I have a weekend all to myself.
Saturday was a pj day...all day! The animals didn't mind my sloppy self one bit. It somehow feels more relaxing when you spend a whole day in your pjs, don't you think?
But lots got done.
I started my day with some spinning...of course.
Last week, I hand dyed some roving I had originally purchased to felt around my handmade soaps. This stuff is not super soft but will be great for mitts and socks.
A mixture of red and yellow dyes gave me a mixture of pink, orange and coral. Funny how we see no reds and no yellows, all the colours blended together and I really like it that way.

 Not knowing any better (remember I am a new spinner), I did not do much pre drafting and I had a bit of a struggle to spin it.
But nevertheless, it is an improvement over my first skein. A bit more even... not all over even but better.
I also navajo plied this yarn. So it's a three ply. I didn't measure how many meters I have yet but it was close to 125 grams.

I had also dyed some roving in shades of blues and greens.
 This time, I did lots of predrafting and the spinning of this just flowed. I spun all of this yesterday between other things I did around the house. I will let it sit a few days before I ply it. I have not decided if I will do a 2-ply or a 3-ply again.

 Here is the spinning I did earlier this week. I told you, I am quite obsessed with my spinning wheel. I have a bit of a knot in by belly at the moment, because I don't have anymore fiber in the house! Any enablers out there?
 Preserving beets is an annual thing at our house. We like them done quite simply. No added spices. Just thickly sliced, pickled in sugar and vinegar.
I cook the beets between 30 to 60 minutes. I know the beets are cooked when the skin come off very easily. (just put one beet in cold water and test it to see).
I then slice them up and drop them in Mason jars. Fill the jar with the hot mixture of vinegar and sugar. Close the lid and voilà, beets for the year.
 I made 14 lbs of beets this year. A few of these jars will make their way to the hunting camp for the boys to eat up. The rest will be for us to enjoy all year long.

Dogs are enjoying the beautiful fall days we are having. Lots of sun but still cool enough to be comfortable.
(Bella, Anouk's daughter enjoying a quite moment in the sun)

Next weekend, I'm going to the province of Québec for a girl's weekend at friend's cottage. How great is that?

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  1. Your yarn looks beautiful! I can't believe the quality (and quantity!) of yarn you are making.
    Happy Fall!