Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Serious fun!

Ok, that's it! I'm giving up everything else I know and do to commit myself totally to this new fun. I am willing to give up food, water and sleep!
Why did I wait till now to get myself one of these?!?!
I really had a feeling this activity would be one that I would like. But I did not expect to be head over heels, totally-in-love with it.

Here's what has brought so much joy to my world. A Lendrum DT spinning wheel. A birthday gift from my hubby and both children.  Now, how cool is that!
It was really hard to be patient and wait for one of these. It seems that Mr Lendrum makes about 100 wheels a year and they are in demand. Stores that I had contacted told me that they usually wait as much as 8 mths for delivery of Lendrums.
I must say, it does not come with instructions...I had to rely on good friends and YouTube videos to learn how it works. I had quite a few moments where I could not coordinate hands, feet, yarn and wheel at all.
But perseverance will pay off...or is it my stubborn streak?
But here is the first skein. Soft merino. About 49 yards. It could be considered a thick and thin...a result of getting to know my wheel.
I Navajo plied it...that was a stuggle but I intend to keep at it till I can get it all to flow. Now, what can I knit with 49 yards...maybe a cowl with a coordinating yarn.
Don't laugh at me, but today I spun so much that I have a very sore index finger...not quite a blister but almost.

I leave you with a picture of what I woke up to this morning. Deers and alpacas enjoying the crisp morning air and eating while it's still growing. Soon, nothing will grow as fall and winter will be at our door before we know it and we will have to provide hay for them...
Have you done something to make yourself happy today? I have. Enjoy your day!

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  1. LOL! I read this AFTER I made my last post. Great minds think alike! Your first skein is wonderful. I can't believe you spun so much that you have a spinners injury. Too funny.
    I'm going to spin now....