Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First snow

We had our first (little) snowfall this morning!
Makes the landscape look so nice. I was looking forward to my morning visit with the animals and fully intended to take my time and enjoy the fresh snow.
So, after coffee, out the door I went.
Thought I would take my camera and capture the wonderful feeling that fresh snow can bring.
As I step into the alpaca pasture, they all come running to greet me. They know it's feeding time and want to make sure I head for the barn.
 But then something unexpected happenned!
See the look of concern on their face? Or is it a confused look?

Even the dogs were unsure of what happened.
As I stepped from the walkway onto the grass area, I ended up flat on my back so quickly I did not even have time to react. Camera still in hand, while I was down there I figured I'd show you the reason for the splat!
Rubber boots!
No traction!
I guess this is good enough reason to put those away and take out the winter boots!

No more greens to find in the pastures, the hay bar is a popular gathering spot.

In order to keep a bit of summer greenery, a small herb pot with parsley and rosemary is now in the house. Hopefully we get enough sun to keep it going for a while longer and we can enjoy them in our cooking.

Getting ready for a craft show...happening this weekend.
Pics and more on this tomorrow.


  1. No snow for us yet... just rain, lots and lots of rain!

  2. Ouch! Hope you aren't stiff from the fall today.