Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hat and cowl

Today looks like it will be a perfect day. Beautiful morning sun. Crisp cool air. Quiet house. Nothing urgent to get done. Perfect.

My Helix scarf is slow going, so I decided to take break from it and look for some quick knits to do.
I had bought this wonderful Alpaca/Wool yarn last winter. It's Fleece Artist Aran Alpaca.

When I saw the Bandana cowl pattern, I knew I had to have one. It comes to a deep v in the front, it will be warm even though my coat is not zipped up to my neck. It took two evenings of knitting to complete. It has a lot of W&T (wrap and turn) but they are easy to do.

With lots of yarn left, I started to look for a hat pattern and came across the Amanda hat. This also took two evenings of knitting. 

I love the fit of this hat. Because it doesn't have a ribbed edge, it's a little looser around my head and actually fits better. It doesn't do the big squeeze which I know makes me look like a dork in most hats.

 It has an interesting lace pattern with psso (pass slip stitch over).
I am definitely casting on another one of these...won't say for whom in case she reads this.

This was a huge skein of yarn (250 grams) and I know I can squeeze a pair of mittens from it as well. So off I go to find a pattern...the Helix scarf will have to wait a few more days before I get back to it.
Have a good weekend!


  1. That does sound like a perfect day - love the hat and cowl!

  2. Great colours on those knits. Love the view in the photo.

  3. I LOVE the hat and cowl. And that yarn, GORGEOUS! I must make that hat. I never wear hats, but I really like this one. Love your blog. Your knitting inspires me.

  4. Just when I thought I had all my gifts figured out YOU inspire a better idea. Love the Bandana Cowl, thank you, now rethinking my list...oh my.♥