Thursday, December 15, 2011


It happens every year...I think I have so much time before Christmas and first thing I know, there is only 10 days left! I mean, really, where does time go?
Last weekend, I decided to add  more knitting to the list. (The knitting mojo had kinda left me for a few weeks. I'm so happy it's back!)
I had two handspun skeins of this merino/silk blend and decided to cast on for a cowl. It's almost done now and I will cast off by the weekend. I'll be back with a picture next week. But this is actually a test knit...not for someone on the list. It will be mine.
Someone (that shall remain nameless for now) had put a Roots cowl on her Christmas list this year...made out of 100% acrylic. When you're a knitter, it's very hard to love that stuff. It feels soft at first but does it have any warmth value to it? And how can I send her out in the world with an acrylic cowl when I have beautiful yarns in my stash?
I did not want to make it super long but long enough to be wrapped twice around the neck... So I've modified the pattern a bit. And I had two skeins of this green colour to make sure I had enough...turns out I will need all of both skeins.

I have some blue handspun merino for Nameless's cowl...BUT only one skein spun. Luckily I have another braid I can spin...this weekend. I think I've just set myself up for some last minute knitting. I hope to have the second skein spun, washed and dried by Sunday so that I can start knitting on Monday and have it knitted, blocked and wrapped by Saturday!!!

We are having some unseasonal weather this week...enough with the rain  please!
The fields are a mess, dogs and alpacas are wet and muddy. Temperatures will be dropping tomorrow and those puddles in the yard will turn to ice...Please send snow our way...NOW!

Oh, the craft show went really well...beyond my expectations! I had a great time.


  1. I just realized we only have one week-end before Christmas. Where did it go?

  2. Not only knitting the last minute gift but spinning it too! Seriously?
    What a woman you are.