Sunday, May 27, 2012

One of those mornings

Friday morning...
Hubby and I got up around 7:30. (That's late for us.)
Dogs are put outside and fed. Coffee is on, we sit in our rocking chairs by the window and look out towards the pastures.

AHHHHHHH! there is nothing like the beginning of a brand new day...feels so good.
Hubby hears some commotion below the window and gets up to check
(Here you can see the pool deck from the window. We still have the winter leaf net pool cover on.)

and holy sh**, the dogs somehow got inside the pool area! And to make it even worse, one of them is in the pool, splashing around trying to get out! We have a out of ground pool with a vinyl no dogs allowed.
We ran down the stairs at break-neck speed, quickly ran outside to the pool deck, got the dog out of the pool and assessed the damage. Seems that the vinyl liner is intact and we have one very wet dog, happy as can be.
Ok, now back upstairs to our rocking chairs to continue on with our coffee and plan our day.
As we look out to the pastures, we can see the alpacas congregating around something of a light brown colour...what could that be? We thought that maybe the alpacas had not appreciated the presence of a groundhog in their field and had 'taken care' of it... But this was one huge groundhog so out came the binoculars. The binoculars could not help us identify this 'furry lump' so hubby thought it was best to go investigate this further.
He calls out to me that it's a cria.
OMG! A cria was probably born during or shortly before the 'dog in the pool' commotion. He was not quite dry yet. This little guy is about 1 month early so we are quite concerned.
He needed a little help with feeding and we kept a vigil all day and part of the night.
He's become stronger every far, so good.

This little male is so sweet. He's also strong and determined...reminds me of someone I knew. We are calling him honour of my father Fernand.

His mother arrived on our farm on Wednesday along with two other white female alpacas!

I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Have a good Sunday!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! FIRST, I was almost scared to keep reading about your precious dog in the pool. WHEW......happy ending. Then, LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!! Fernando is so adorable. And the 2 new girls, what sassy faces. They just look like they are going to be busy bodies.

    Love your new site. Thrilled to continue following your adventures.