Saturday, May 19, 2012


There is so much going on right now that I'm having a hard time to keep up with a few things such as blogging regularly.
We are in the middle of a major reno in our kitchen and while we were at it, we thought well, why not redo both bathroom floors and why not repaint most of the main floor and why not sew new curtains for the living room and why not get new mirrors for the entrance and bathroom...well you get the picture, I'm sure!!!
But there has been time to do a few other things.
I've open up a new shop on Etsy under a new name.
I've been using the name Zenitude for a while now and thought it was time to make the transition.

Zenitude better represent what this hand dyeing journey means to me.
 It basically is a combination of the words 'zen' and 'attitude'. ZĂ©nitude is a word more common in French as I see it often in the french magazines, books and blogs I read.
It could be defined as: A total state of relaxation and serenity. This is exactly what dyeing yarns and fiber, knitting and spinning can do to me.

A new name meant a new look so I had a logo made with the help of Brandland on Etsy.
My Zenitude shop is now open on Etsy. I have listed a few merino tops at the moment. I've sold three so far!  As soon as we get our reno work done, I'll be adding my hand dyed yarns as well. In the very near future, I will also be offering alpaca yarn and fiber from my very own herd.
The WoolyKnitsNBits shop will eventually be closed.

Now, what will be left to do is move this blog under the Zenitude name. I have no idea how this can be done, so if you can lead me to a tutorial or to someone that can do it with me...please, please, let me know!

My local yarn store, Stix and Stones is now selling Zenitude hand dyed yarns, tops and handmade soaps! Rae has been a wonderful confidence booster for this old gal venturing out in the fiber world!
In her last newsletter, Rae had this to say about Zenitude:
We also have an amazing local hand dyer/alpaca farmer who goes by the label "zenitude." She has an incredible talent for hand dying yarn in fantastic colourways and if you haven't check out her selection of sock and lace weights yet as well as her hand dyed rovings- be sure and do so on your next trip to the store!
 Thanks Rae!

Our new little grandson is doing very well. Big sister is very loving towards him. Their parents are sleep deprived, as all new parents are but so happy with their little family!
After posting the beginning of this project a few weeks ago, a few readers asked to see the completed mural on the baby's room wall.
It turned out very well. Our little grandson will surely enjoy it.

Have a good weekend, ours will be full of sunshine and family time!


  1. Love the new name! I think it's perfect. Good luck with the transition - I think it will go well.

    Baby's room looks AWESOME!

  2. The new logo is perfect! It is so true that working with fiber is relaxing. Your rovings are gorgeous. I hope there are some left when I get my next pay check because I would love to get my hands on one!

  3. Yes - grandson's room is beautiful.
    Best of luck with the new Zenitude brand...the etsy shop looks great and I love how you've packaged your tops.

  4. The nursery turned out wonderful. So peaceful. Thanks for sharing it with us.