Monday, September 17, 2012


What words to describe these two?
 (This is Lexus)
 (This is Penny)
Well, those are not the words I'm using now that I've seen what they are capable of.
In the half hour that we took for our dinner last night, they had the audacity to grab fiber that I had worked on all day to dye and were ready to list in my shop and do their thing with it.
The yellow top was too much of a mess for the camera.
What were they thinking?
I guess this will be mine to spin some day when I can find this funny!!
No, seriously, I'm over it now. They are full of energy, curiosity and they need to learn some manners...but we'll get there.


  1. Uhoh - they are too cute to stay mad at for too long!

  2. Oops...hope they didn't eat any ;( Perhaps they are trying to tell you they'd rather play ball. They are so, so cute.

  3. Oh No! And the lighter colored pup even has a guilty look on his face! LOL! This type of thing happens quite frequently in my world as well!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I can relate to this post......oh the amount of fiber the dogs have gotten over the years.....
    But yes, we do forgive them so quickly! Off to check out the rest of your posts!