Thursday, May 23, 2013

Felting Part 2

I was eager to try my luck at making wearables and accessories for the home using some of the techniques learnt the first few days of the course.
So, feeling adventurous, I laid out a piece of silk gauze on the table and started to add layers of wool top and some pencil roving with high hopes of producing something that would look and feel like a scarf.
Wetting the fibers with a gentle spray of warm soapy water and gently rubbing till things stared to felt together. Eventually, the wool fibres will work their way thru the silk as well.

 Gentle rubbing is required so that things don't move too much and that the design stays in place.

The results are not perfect. I have ideas on how to improve on the next one. But it was a fun learning experience.
Next was a more open weave scarf done with pink alpaca fibre and some leftover yarns. More learning, more plans to improve next time. 

It's a bit crazy and not meant for warmth but as daughter says, it's more like a piece of jewelry than anything else. 
Next, was a vessel.
 Alpaca and Corriedale fibre were laid on both sides of a circle cut out of thick plastic. 
Some mohair locks were added.

The mohair took quite a lot of time to felt and I had to needle felt some parts once the piece was dry.

A circle was cut off-center on one side, the plastic circle (resist) was taken out, and the vessel was shaped as it was fulled even more.

Extra locks of mohair were needle felted in place.

I love the resulting vessel! It can be used to drop off your keys at the front door or for jewelry by your bedside.

I returned home on Friday evening and got back at it on Saturday morning.
Made with a merino silk blend top I had.
I love the wrinkles that show up with the silk.

I think this piece will need a bit of embellishement (more on that in another post),
a few beads most likely.

Made with red corriedale with wool roving in shades of blue, purple and red.

 You can see where I placed an elastic to pinch the top of the pot till it dried. I think I would like to add a nice thick hand spun yarn or maybe a felted rope in that spot.

A little pinwheel in the inside.

And the pièce de résistance (as far as I'm concerned)!

This is my favorite one. It's thick, it's sturdy. The shape is great. I added a layer of silk mawata to the bottom and it adds those wispy white fibres along the sides.

So. much. fun.


  1. exciting! The possibilities are endless.

  2. I think that last pint and white one is my favorite too but they are all so neat! I just love felted bowls and bags. Looks like you really learned a lot! How fun!

  3. I love your scarves!!!! Wow what another...wonderful artful skill. I visited the LYS and was happy to see your yarns and soap. When I was there I admired the felted slippers ( puddleduck size)....Your bowls are delightful....especially the pink tulip one xoxoDebi

  4. Just catching up on your blog.
    Love the vessels...all of them! Felt On!!!