Friday, May 3, 2013


Sometimes life is like a raging river and all you can do is hang on
knowing and trusting that calm waters are ahead.
Thank goodness for knitting to help me get thru!
Just mindless knitting to keep my hands busy.

But before I show you those projects I must tell you about this one first.
Last week, my grand daughter told me all about losing the spring hat I had made her last year when she went to the store with her mother.
She was quite sad about it and asked if I could make her another.
To the stash I went to look for some coton yarn. Turns out I still had some of the yarn I had used last year and I decided to use it to make her a different hat.
I like to crochet spring and summer hats instead of knitting them. They just seems to be lighter.

Her only request was that the hat have a flower on it. The brim can be down or rolled up. It's quite cute on her. Details here.

Now for the mindless knitting.

It all started with a pair of Burning stripes socks.
I had two balls of Zauberball waiting to be made into a pair of these socks.
But I ended up knitting more than one pair.
You see, the first two socks did not match very well. One was very dark while the other one was quite light. I don't have a problem with fraternal twin socks as long as they look like fraternal twins.
Hubby and I agreed that the first two socks were more like step-brothers ;-)
Since I had lots of yarn leftover, I decided to knit another pair. Turns out that sock 1 and 3 are perfect together and that sock 2 and 4 are perfect together. I'm much happier now! And I have two pair of socks that I love.

I know I will make this pattern again with regular sock yarn.

This lead to more sock knitting.
Just plain socks with self striping yarn.

Then on to another pair.
The heel I use is Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel. It fits very well and I use it often now. You can find her tutorial on youtube.

When this pair is completed, I think I'm done with sock knitting for a while.
I need something else now.
Maybe a shawl or another cardigan, a light one for summer.

But before that, I'm off for a very special week.
I'm taking a week long felting course at the Haliburton school of the Arts.
Leaving on Sunday with a friend.


  1. Love all the socks!!! I need to knit socks now! Haven't done that in a while and I miss my sock knitting. Oh and how lucky you are to be taking a week long felting course! I want your life....well at least the week long felting course part of it! LOL. Wouldn't mind the alpaca part of it either. :-D

  2. I am in complete sock envy. Those colors are gorgeous. I also love the hat. I could have really used something like that. Maybe by next year.... :)