Thursday, June 27, 2013

So long Google Reader! Hello Bloglovin


For several years now I would log on to the Google reader site to follow the blogs I enjoy reading. It was convenient to have every blog in one place. But you might have heard that google reader will be gone at the end of June.
I made the switch to Bloglovin last week and its just great!
I transferred all the blogs I follow in one easy step.
In case you have to do this too, check this site  for more information.

To follow my blog clic on the button on the right.
Voilà! a quick little post to keep you readin'
Be back soon with some great felted vases to show you.


  1. I had to switch too. I had not heard of Bloglovin'. I switched to Old Reader. So far, so good. Change is tough on 'old dogs' like me!

  2. I need to do this. Thanks for the link. ILL TRY