Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gone to the dogs!

A morning walk filled with clear blue skies, cool, crisp air, sunshine...what a great day to be outside.
Today, I took Anouk for a walk around the property.
Frankie was concerned about the 'loose' dog about so he came over to check things out.

Then I spent a little bit of time with the crew.

 A bit of talking and cuddling.

Bjorne is the gold one. He's the one guy with a whole bunch of cream girls.

The dogs are in great need of some serious grooming. They are loosing their winter coats and are shedding all over the place. One by one, they will be bathed and brushed and trimmed this week. By next weekend they should all have been done.

But for now, off I go to prepare food for Easter dinner.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. We spent the week babysitting my son's Golden Retriever puppy. He is 16 weeks and old and gave me and The Mister quite a run for our money. I can't wait to show him your post. The pix of you and the crew are amazing!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Those are some GORGEOUS Goldens. However, I don't envy you having to bath and groom all of them. I go crazy with my 2 Great Danes and 2 Yorkies. The Danes are almost no work and if the Yorkies hair overwhelms me, I just cut it off. They aren't show dogs, so shorter "do's" are fine.
    Love the alpacas.

    Happy Easter!

  3. I thought having 2 dogs was a have your hands full! Gorgeous dogs though and the picture is a keeper. Anouk doesn't look concerned about Frankie's attention at all, although it looks like Frankie is just curious and not alarmed.
    What a beautiful day.