Thursday, April 19, 2012

I dyed this superwash merino top yesterday and the colours mixed and blended to produce something wild and loud!
I doubted anyone would look twice at it and decided I should keep it and spin it for myself to see what it looks like. (well...maybe I liked the colours too much to part with it).
So yesterday afternoon, I sat by the window and spun this wild top. The more I spun, the more excited I got with it. I was worried the colours would look like mud once spun but I'm liking it.

I kept spinning into the evening and spun all of the 4 ounces of merino fleece.

I usually wait at least 24 hours before I ply, to give time for the singles to relax into their twist. But I was eager to see it plied.
So this afternoon, I decided to do a three ply with it and VOILĂ€!

61 meters of Bulky yarn.

I think this yarn wants to become a hat...


  1. One word....JEALOUS!
    Okay and just saying....Who did your housework today? ;)

    (Jealousy brings out the worst in me.)

  2. It's lovely! I would not have been able to wait to ply it either.

  3. I'm always amazed at how each step of dyeing, spinning, and knitting changes the arrangement of colors. Sometimes I have to keep a ball of roving or a hank of yarn just because it is so lovely the way it is.
    I hope you will show us the final product when you are done.