Sunday, April 8, 2012


I love to paint furniture and transform it from old and ugly to fresh and beautiful. might be a bit of a strong word...what I love is the finished product and in order to get to that I need to do the painting myself.
Sometimes I will put a lot of work into it by doing some decorative painting and other times, I will keep it very simple. The hardware is changed most of the time.
We've had this desk in our kitchen since we built this house in 1995. A simple pine desk that we bought unfinished. At the time, only a coat of varnish was applied.

It has a roll top that opens up to many cubby holes. A pain to paint and varnish...but it need to be done.

So after a week of sanding, painting and it is!

Paint is Paris Grey by ASCP.
I replaced the old brass knobs and pulls for a brushed nickle finish.
Even the cubby holes got a fresh coat of paint as did the roll top...many hours of sanding and painting but well worth the effort.

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