Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back home

Wow! We drove back home on Sunday in a constant downpour of rain. They were predicting 40 to 50 mm of rainfall and I believe they were right.
We had a wonderful weekend. Visiting our son is always a pleasure. He's a fine young man making us proud. I'm coming to accept that he's going to live his life 'down south'. But it's not so far that we can't visit regularly and catch up with each other.
Of course, the highlight of the weekend (for me at least) was the Woodstock Fleece Festival. This is a somewhat smaller scale gathering of vendors but I was so impressed with the high level of quality and mostly with the creativity of some of the vendors.
When you work in isolation, it's refreshing to see other people's work. I came back home very inspired.

Of course, I did do some shopping but showed great restraint again this time.

 Little things, gadgets that I've been meaning to get for quite some time.
A pom-pom maker in two sizes, some T-pins and stitch markers in many sizes. But I was mostly happy about the Wonder Knitter. I'll be able to show O how to use it. She's 3 and really wants to knit with me. This might be something she'll enjoy.

 Even though I make lots of soap, I loved this one with the felted roving around it. Perfect for Christmas (which is just around the corner by the way!).

 Some fun stuff to add to my batts. The hand dyed firestar on the left is really sparkly and a little will go a long way. The Sari silk and fun yarn can be added to the crazy batts I want to make again and the gold cotton/metallic thread will be used to ply those crazy yarns I want to make.

 And of course, some lovely fibre.
I'm mostly proud of myself for not buying the usual green/blue blends that I always reach for.

I'm planning on making this outing a annual thing. I really enjoyed it.


  1. Yes the rain! I am glad I bought new wiperblades before I rocketed to Barrie to bring my puddleducks up for a Halloween Hunt Party. Yes you did well not to be tempted, me, I have no such restraint...lolol Oh...the puddleducks loved,loved,loved their sheep soap! and it was hard getting it from them before they used it all up...Great Soap Lise, thank you..♥Debi

  2. What a great haul! Love, love, love those fiber colors.

  3. Hahaha...you tricked me. I saw the first picture and thought "WTH, she went to a fibre festival and came back with a handful of gadgets???!" Tricks on me, you did find some wonderful fibre finds. Hmmmmmm....carder on Santa's list?

  4. I'd say you did quite well for yourself!!! The fiber is beautiful........great colors!! Have fun knitting with that little three year old. ;-)