Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last call

The farmer's market is on for the last weekend this year! I'll be there from 8am till 1pm.
Stop in my booth and say Hi if you're in the area!

 O and her grandfather heading to the pasture, food in hand to feed the alpacas.
(photo intense)

 The alpacas follow close behind.

The trees are in full colour glory!

Almost there.

O loves to help out. We love spending time with her. She's growing so fast.

Fernando posing.


Curious Carmella.

I'm not a big fan of the autumn but I've been enjoying the change of colours so much this year...surely has something to do with the sunny weather we've had so far.

I'm working on a beaded knitted shawl. Very labor intense with about 1200 beads to knit all along the edge of the shawl. Once this is done, I'll pick up stitches and knit the top of the shawl.
The pattern is not published yet, I'm test knitting it for CraftyChaos on Ravelry.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the canadian Thanksgiving weekend.
Enjoy yours with family, friends or your knititng!


  1. Your alpacas are so cute and the beaded shawl is really pretty! I have knitted with beads before and I know what you mean by labor intensive!! It's really neat though!

  2. The shawl is lovely. Please show the finished product. Cute alpacas, too. I love that they are so curious.

  3. What a charming face Carmella has :) Love the beaded shawl, I just wish I had the patience!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the parade! Your pictures are precious.

    Unpacking my recent move but I do hope to get to the heart is willing ♥Debi

  5. I am so happy you reminded me to update your blog. I would have been very sorry to have missed those lovely critters! Love the shawl too.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Wow - that shawl is going to be amazing. What a lot of hand work! Nice pics of the farm. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Your shwal is going to be stunning! I love the color and beads!