Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fleece Festival and more

getting ready for a little weekend away from home,
to spend some time visiting our son,
to do a little shopping at the Fleece Festival happening in Woodstock, Ontario.
The hours of driving are left to hubby while I'll happily knit beside him.
Car knitting is definitely one of my favorite things to do.
I'll bring projects that don't require too much concentration, so that I can take in the scenery and chat away with hubby. (More on this at the end of this post.)

Speaking of scenery, I was blown away by the beautiful sunrise earlier this week.
 The Muskoka chairs are still out on the deck so I bundled up and enjoyed the sunrise with coffee in hand.

And yesterday, sun and rain with a bit of freezing rain thrown in gave a bright rainbow against the dark clouds.
Even at my age, rainbows are still magical.

Still knitting away on my beaded shawl. It's slow going but progress is being made. I only knit one hour or so at a time on the shawl because it demands quite a bit of concentration.
I now have 15 of the pattern repeats done with only 8 more to go. Then I'll pick up close to 300 stitches to knit the top part.

Christmas craft show season is coming soon. I've only signed up for one show this year. I've been adding some handspun hand dyed bulky merino yarns accessories to the bins of stuff I'll bring.
This hat is a quick knit and fits great.

Big fat stitches are a nice change to the beaded lace weight knitting.

This hat with earflaps and tassels is made in hand dyed, handspun merino/silk yarn.

I'll be knitting more of these in the car this weekend along with the cowl I've hinted at a few weeks ago.

What is your knitting all about this week? 


  1. Road trips are the best. Especially when you have someone who will drive so you can knit.
    Have a wonderful time!

  2. Beautiful sunrise :) you could use that as an advertisement!

    Incredible yarn, I love it all!


  3. Lovely yarn. Really like the muted colors of your dyeing. Working on a blaze orange hat this week for a hunter. Deer season is not too far away - must keep at it!

  4. Thanks for sharing that beautiful sunrise. The colors are amazing! What a great way to start out the day. Your bead work is pretty impressive as well! I agree car knitting is's right up there with late night knitting....very relaxing. And a fleece festival ta boot....I want your weekend!!!! :-) Have fun!!

  5. I saw that same sunrise but could get such a nice shot as that. Fall is the perfect time for road trips...well, as long as it's sunny and dry! Have fun at Woodstock! Remember, restraint, restraint, restraint...well...unless they have some reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly nice yarns and fibres there ;)