Saturday, March 9, 2013


Red is a favorite colour of mine.
So when it was time to choose a colour for this next cardigan, I dyed my yarn in a bright red...called Vampire blood.
This is a worsted weight 100% merino yarn.
The same yarn used in my Thrummed mitten kits.
(Bjorne is such a sweet and gently boy. He's a great dog to walk with.)
The Lush cardigan is a test knit for tincanknits. A new design, part of their upcoming Spring 2013 collection Handmade in the UK.
 After knitting a lace panel, stitches are picked up on one edge for the body and sleeves while stitches are picked up on the opposite edge for the collar.
I do love a no-seam knit.
Spring is getting closer and I'll be happy to have this comfortable cardigan in my closet.


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love red too - and that's a great shade!

  3. I LOVE it! I'll be looking forward to when the pattern is published.