Monday, February 25, 2013

Fresh start

Now that the children are all grown up, we are reorganizing the house to better suit our own needs.**
This has pushed us to do more painting and we now have a freshly painted bedroom.
I will need to keep a single bed in this room for some of our visiting guests but I would also like to use the room as a store for my yarns, fibre and garments.
Yup, a Lonely Oak/Zenitude store opening soon eventually!

But back to the freshly painted room.
A daybed would be ideal, but I'm cheap and won't spend $500 for a new one. So the search is on for something suitable in the right price range.
I'm also looking for some shelving, maybe a entertainment unit would do, to store the inventory. 
I already have a wonderful table that will be great as a desk.

I'll let you know how we are progressing over the next few weeks months.
There is still some knitting going on.
The Strathcona scarf is  coming along.
I've modified the pattern a bit because I don't have a whole lot of yardage with this alpaca yarn.
The yarn is also a sport weight.

** About reorganizing the house to better suit OUR needs...that should probably be MY needs. Seems that I'm claiming most of the house for myself. The lower level is not a man cave in our house but it's my studio, dye room, tv room, storage room... And now this bedroom will also be all MINE!
But, hubby has the sheds and the garage to call his own...seems fair to me! :o)


  1. The Mister and I just had this very conversation today. It seems I have taken over every inch of space with either my vast collection of wooly stuff or my quilting stuff. As soon as the weather warms up, I promised him to reorganize and downsize a bit. Wink, wink....

  2. Well that sounds perfectly fair to me, but then I've given the gardener the garden to call his own, so not sure I'm a good judge of what's fair since I have pretty much claimed the entire house! And I'm thinking I might need some of that garden too for a dye garden. Oh I'm just kidding....sort of! ;-)

  3. Sounds RIGHT to me! Your own store, that would be wonderful! I missed your post about Saturday...I was on the Nana Run to Barrie and had future NHL superstars lacing up and needing treats after their fun day on the outdoor rink. My time is during the week when I am not keeping the castle. So back to MY amazing project! ♥Debi

  4. Oh my - I've got to get my mom the read this... when I finally moved out, my bedroom and the basement were converted to the dye studio, her guest room is really just her yarn storage with a bed, the other "guest bedroom" is for her granddaughters, but that's also where she keeps the antique sock machines and her computer. Dad complains and her response... "You've got a shed and a garage"!