Monday, February 18, 2013

Alpaca fun run

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the Lonely Oak alpacas.
The three babies are growing well and we will be weaning them in the next few weeks.
They are eating pellets on their own now as well as hay.

Early on saturday morning, hubby led the alpacas to the barn and closed the gate.
What's going on?
We've had a good snowfall on Friday and after cleaning out the driveway
hubby headed for the pastures!!??
I'm not sure if he's using his snowblower because he loves to or if the alpacas really need a path.
But regardless, hubby will make a circuit for them.
You see, alpacas do not like to go into any deep snow. They won't venture out very far in even a few inches of snow. So they tend to stay by the heated water trough or by the hay feeder.
So, hubby will make them a wide 'trail' to use.

I was so happy with this picture of Makushla. I rarely get a pic of her with her ears up. She's always so serious looking, for once she seems amused!
 No one goes in the barn, all 12 alpacas are staying out to observe the
snowblower make that snow fly.

Hubby is all done and the gate is now opened. They all come out to check it out.

Hummmm, pretty nice.
Which way should we go?
Let's see what Coco thinks.
Let's go east first.

And off they go!
They're doing the loop!

And back to the beginning.
It must feel good to run full speed.
Winter fun!


  1. Amazing. What beautiful animals!

  2. So cute! And apparently very smart to wait for a nice path to be made for them!! You have almost as much snow as we do right now. I'm envying hubbies snow blower!!!! I like that it blows it out from the back of the tractor. Ours blows it out the front (when it's working that is) and always ends up blowing the snow in your face!

  3. Sounds like my dog Raven.My hubby made a path for her so she could do her business.Now she wants one all the time.I love your Alpacas,do you,let people come a visit?.