Sunday, February 24, 2013

More hooking

Crochet hooking that is!
Remember my first rag rug?
It now resides on the floor of our guest room.
As you can see it was crocheted a little too loosely (evident spaces between stitches) but it still serves its purpose.
I came across a few t-shirts to recycle and the urge to crochet another rug came back.
So I did take out my crochet hook once more and cut lots of t-shirt yarn.
This video tutorial is so great!
I was determined to crochet tighter and my hands are paying the price for it. But it was well worth it.
This rug is firmer.
There is a lot to learn when using this fabric. They are not all created equal. Some will roll on itself very nicely and hide all the edges, others will not do that. Some stretch all the way to the neighbors while others have minimal stretch.
I now realize that it's important that the center rounds be made with a stretchy 'yarn' with good memory because it ends up being pulled in all directions when you crochet the subsequent rounds.
This rug is about 28 inches and is just perfect for a small bathroom on our main floor.
It was made with 5 ladies t-shirts and one nightgown and some cotton knit fabric remnants.
When I was making this rug, our cat Mia, kept parking her behind on it.
This gave me the idea of making her one of her own.
I thought I was so brilliant!
But I don't think that Mia thought so. 

She has yet to use this one.
We are often picking her up wherever she is in the house and bringing her to her cat bed but she's not using it (yet).
She's still kicking the dog off his own dog cushion at the front door.
This one measures 18'' in diameter with a 3'' edge that comes up.
Now, back to my knitting.

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