Thursday, January 5, 2012

All about Mia

Have you met Mia yet?Being a houseful of dogs, they are the ones we talk about the most but our cat Mia deserves a bit of attention once in a while...and believe me she insists on a bit of attention!
Mia is about 3 years old. I think this sweet cat is quite confused because she act much more like a dog that anything else. She follows me around the house and will wait for me. She plays with the dogs and loves their company.
Mia is Miss Personality with a capital P.
She loves to read with me! She knows there's no room on my lap when I'm sitting at the kitchen counter drinking my morning coffee and reading my emails or blogs, so the next best thing is to jump on the chair's back and rest on my shoulders.

And how about getting a little closer...Mia has figured out a way to crawl on my back and wrap herself around my neck! I don't assist her at all, she does it on her own...and I wonder why I have neck issues!!! But there is something quite nice about having a cat purr sweet nothings in your ear!

Then there are those moments that are just too she is sprawled out on her back on the ottoman. Life must be so good when you can relax to that extent!

And then there are those moments when she wants to cool off by lying on the back of chairs or sofas with all four legs dangling on either sides.

Her favorite position on our kitchen stools.

We can say she's quite entertaining.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL girl. Mia reminds me of a cat in my neighborhood, 50 years ago. I have always wanted a cat, but it never happened. I have 2 9 year old Great Danes, 2 Yorkies 13 & 10, 2 birds 21 & 22, and 4 Turtles. What would life being without our animal kids?

  2. Hi, just blog surfing and found you. Mia is so beautiful. Makes me miss having kitties. Give her hugs and kisses from a reader.

  3. OMG...too funny! She looks like she is really enjoying reading that blog! How much does she weigh? You are right about potential neck issues, but oh, what a nice way to keep the chill off.

  4. Mia is a hoot. I came by to return the blog visit, thank you for your comment on mine, and look for a photo of your wood cookstove! What a treat to find this post.

  5. Mia is awesome! Love the pictures. Feel free to post a lot more! :)